To respect the privacy of participants, names have been omitted.

"After participating in the six-week course, my sense of self confidence has been enhanced. At the age of 77, I was becoming aware of my decline in cognitive ability and the course gave me the tools to reverse the process. I had lost some of my hearing, and I did not see the importance for brain health to wear my hearing aids regularly. My use was very sporadic.

As a bonus, the course presented me with many options to upgrade my general health with improved diet, sleep and stress management. The meditation practice has become a regular part of my daily life with significant improvement in my overall well-being."

"Leslie is a smart, heart-felt person who has spent a great deal of time studying cognition, dementia and hearing loss. She has a severe hearing loss so she is personally acquainted with the problems that arise from hearing loss. The information the she has gathered from many different sources can and should be of interest and useful for all the general public. The handouts are clear and nicely presented and make a nice reference collection. As time passes, I have renewed appreciation of what I learned from the course."

"I have been remarkably happy this fall, and this class has been one factor in that experience. I continue to enjoy the chanting, meditation and mindfulness. It was great to develop camaraderie with others experiencing aging and hearing loss, with the guidance of our delightful and enthusiastic leader. Leslie combined the basic science of the mind/body connection with an easy introduction to esoteric yoga cultures and knowledge. I continue to explore the wisdom on brain empowerment."

"Participating in the Brain emPower program was a fascinating and very practical experience and provided information, that I had previously not considered, to add to my wellness regime. Leslie’s enthusiasm and accessibility for the program and ability to share the content with others is inspiring. Teaching the meditation and ongoing support helped me to understand the benefits of the daily practice. The materials provided will help me refer back to the content in the future as a refresher so I may reflect upon the more intricate details of the course. Connecting people with resources to enhance their self-care is a very worthwhile endeavour!"

"I found this program to be an excellent introduction to the mind-body nexus and how Eastern and Western insights can be combined and integrated into a practical program of meditation. I personally found the meditation to give me a healthier outlook and more relaxed perspective on my life."

"Thank you so much for getting in touch so promptly. You insight is deeply appreciated both in myself and through my family. We have struggled with hearing loss together, as some grow older and others some seek to understand. I am excited to pass your wealth of information along to my family, especially my father and mother. They have struggled with hearing loss without feeling like they can or “need” to get hearing aids, all while those around attempt to remind them that a hearing aid is just that—an aid and not crutch. I truly believe the work you have founded will change lives; and in the end, the way of the world. "Accepting your gift of growth is not only helpful, but also insightful and progressive. My hope is that your work will continue to inspire many more to seek the healing that will bring them happiness. I am truly, passionately grateful that our paths have crossed and I am so excited to continue connecting into the future! Your work is changing the world. Thank you for what you have done and for what will do. You are most certainly affecting my family for the better, and for that, I will eternally be grateful."

"This class was a great introduction to thinking about your brain health--as it is related to both hearing loss and to aging. Leslie is a thorough teacher with extensive experience that allows her to bring tuning and improving your brain to your life".

Thank you for your class and your beautiful words. I have enjoyed it immensely and will use some of your suggestions for a long time. Your energy, enthusiasm and passion about the subject was indeed contagious and has motivated us to continue. Your teaching style has catered to my left as well as right brain. I learn best when the teacher is organized and the class is well structured without many distractions, but also allows for some spontaneity and fun. It was definitely not a sterile lecture but a well thought out program with good information based on science with a holistic approach, having the student as a whole person in mind".