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Meet Jennifer La Borde  BA, BC-HIS

Meet Jennifer La Borde, BA, BC-HISI am a Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. At Family Hearing, “hear” is 4/5s of the word “heart”. Our clients continue to reflect the heart and customer care we provide to our community. Our motto is “We are Hear4U”.

I stumbled onto this amazing industry as a teenager when I took an American Sign Language (ASL) class. I instantly fell in love with the language and culture. My teacher was profoundly Deaf and wore a hearing aid to help her hear environmental sounds. I immediately recognized that I wanted to pursue a profession where I could help people connect to the world around them. I originally thought I’d help by becoming an ASL interpreter, but after I discovered both of my parents had hearing loss, I became interested in how I could help people reconnect to their world by regaining their hearing. In my free time, I enjoy dancing and have practiced ballet for over 30 years. Recently my husband and I have been focusing on Argentine Tango with an opportunity so spend a few weeks dancing tango in Buenos Aires! We also enjoy hiking, cooking and spending time with our family.

I’ve been working in the Hearing Healthcare Industry for 18 years and have found that being a part of my client’s reconnection to the sounds of life has affirmed that my professional choice and inspired me to find ways to touch others lives. My daily interactions have given me the opportunity to support others enrichment as well as my own. I’ve helped my grandparents, parents, uncle and mother-in-law all achieve better hearing so I understand firsthand what it’s like to have those personal connections strengthened through better communication.  Our seasoned professionals at Family Hearing each have their own personal stories about how they became experts in hearing care industry. We intimately understand the challenges each individual face and are dedicated to take time to understand what each person’s unique experiences are and seamlessly help guide them through the option to ensure hearing health for a more fulfilling life experience. To that end, we also provide counseling for family,  spouses, friends who may need help understanding the needs of a loved one who may be struggling with hearing loss.

Family Hearing has been supporting the community since 1963 and has three locations to support you — Boulder, Broomfield and Lafayette. Our Audigy Certified™ care providers and staff, serve the community with the most innovative solutions for custom digital hearing technologies for your personal needs. We take time to understand the way you live, your unique listening needs, and your better-hearing goals. AudigyCertified means that our expertise is measured by commitment to patient satisfaction, continuing education and expert application of current technology with the commitment to patient care.

Our staff of providers offer monthly community outreaches at most retirement communities/Senior Centers where free clinics are offered to support the community at the residences. There, we offer free services including ear cleaning (wax removal), clean/check/repair hearing devices and provide complimentary hearing screenings. We donate our time and expertise with the Starkey HearNow program where we help low income individuals obtain hearing aids. It is our joy to help strengthen your connections to the sounds of the world. At Family Hearing we have communication skills in English, ASL, Spanish, Russian, Arabic as well as the language of hearing aid technology!

We are Hear4U 

Whether you have concerns about hearing or tinnitus (ringing in the ears), need hearing protection, or just have a question about hearing wellness, contact us today at www.familyhearingco.com