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Our Approach

Scientific studies have demonstrated that those with hearing impairment are at a higher risk for early brain dysfunction and potential dementia due to the lack of sound vibration to essential parts of the brain. Over time, and if one does not utilize hearing instrument support, the brain dysfunction has been shown to atrophy due to the lack of neuropathway stimulation. This affects areas of the brain that controls memory, balance, sound processing and behavior.

Our Story

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Our story

Our Approach

Our Story

The Brain emPower™ program was developed to support those with hearing loss  to offset potential psychological and behavioral patterns associated with hearing loss. These symptoms may be incorrectly perceived as cognitive decline and, if lifestyle choice intervention is not implemented, may lead to a dementia diagnosis.

Our approach

Brain emPower is a fact-based, experiential program that uses a heart-felt approach to connecting people with resources. Combining neuroscience, principles of the mind/body connection with an easy introduction to esoteric yoga, we specialize in strategies to help restore and/or impede cognitive decline and potentially dementia, while empowering and providing the individual with tools for overall wellness, vitality and stress reduction.

Meet Leslie Van Grove

As a high-functioning, hearing-impaired individual with a bilateral conductive and sensor-neural mixed hearing loss of over 110 dbs, I have an intimate understanding of the challenges that coincide with living with hearing loss. The Brain emPower program was developed from over 40 years of personal experience with hearing loss, including how to adapt to the assault of noise pollution, and functioning in a world designed for the hearing adept. Based on scientific research, the program includes modalities that I have found to be essential and practice for my own personal well-being, health and vitality.

I am trained as an Alzheimer's Prevention and Research Foundation™ (ARPF) specialist and certified specialist to teach their protocol. These techniques, proven to support brain longevity and vitality, have been incorporated into this program and are backed with over 25 years of research published in respected brain health journals and conference proceedings. Additionally, the program has been cross-referenced with research and practices from esteemed leaders in the fields of brain health and neuroscience.

  • Certified ARPF specialist
  • Certified Kundalini yoga instructor, KRI, Level I; Level II (in progress)
  • Yoga practitioner since 1976
  • Reiki certification, Level I
  • Former triathlete
  • 1st degree black belts in Muay Thai (kickboxing) and Tae Kwon Do
  • Portrait and award-winning art photographer with over 40 years expertise
  • 25-year career in high tech marketing communications
leslie van grove

Leslie Van Grove

Founder, Facilitator
ARPF Specialist

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